[AG]    Jean Delvare Andreas Gruenbacher, Martin Quinson. Patchwork quilt.

[BI]    Ronald Oussoren Bob Ippolito. Universal macpython.

[Bro]    Neil Brown. wiggle–apply conflicting patches.

[Dic]    Thomas Dickey. diffstat–make a histogram of diff output.

[Dus]    Andy Dustman. Mysql for python.

[Gru05]   Andreas Gruenbacher. How to survive with many patches (introduction to quilt)., June 2005.

[Mas]    Chris Mason. mpatch–help solve patch rejects.

[O’S06]   Bryan O’Sullivan. Achieving high performance in mercurial. In EuroPython Conference, July 2006. XXX.

[Pyt] ConfigParser—configuration file parser.

[RS]    GNU Project volunteers Richard Stallman. Gnu coding standards—change logs.

[Tat]    Simon Tatham. Putty—open source ssh client for windows.

[Wau]    Tim Waugh. patchutils–programs that operate on patch files.